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Lakeshore Environmental Contractors, LLC



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Our Mission

Lakeshore Environmental Contractors, LLC is dedicated to providing the best service available in the industry.  We take pride in providing extremely responsive service without sacrificing competitive pricing and quality of our work.  We appreciate the opportunity to present our company qualifications and look forward to working with you in the near future.

            Lakeshore Environmental Contractors, LLC provides a wide range of disaster recovery services, including:

  • Oil/Petroleum Disaster Response
  • Fire & Water Damage Recovery
  • Tornado Debris Segregation
  • Structural Drying
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Microbial/ Mold Remediation
  • Sewage Remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Debris Removal
  • HVAC Decontamination / Duct Cleaning

Lakeshore Environmental Contractors, LLC. provides asbestos abatement services for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications:

·         Floor Tile and Mastic

·         Pipe Insulation

·         Sprayed Acoustical Ceilings

·         Mechanical Equipment Room

·         Stucco and Plaster

·         Transite Pipe and Panels

·         Ceiling Tile

·         Roofing Materials

·         Chiller, Boiler and Tank Insulation

·         Fireproofing

 Other Professional Services Provided:


·         Lead Based Paint Remediation

·         Demolition

·         Fireproofing Respray

·         Insulation

LEC currently has a substantial work force of AHERA Certified Abatement Supervisors and Workers, monitored by a medical surveillance and respiratory protection program.  State of the art equipment and work practices are used to perform projects large and small.

LEC has a written DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE WORKPLACE (Mandatory Drug Testing) program administered by Alabama Builders and Contractors Association.

Additionally LEC maintains a written Hazardous Materials Communication Program and Confined Space Entry policy and procedures.  Striving to keep safety at the highest level, Job Site Safety meetings are held daily.

Recognizing the hazards of our industry LEC maintains for its customer’s protection “True Occurrence” General Liability Insurance through an A+XV Rated Carrier.


Company Licensing by State

  Expires License #
Alabama General Contractors License Number LEC, LLC:   03/31/2016 28179
Alabama Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC:    03/20/2016 5080267
Alabama Lead Certification Number LEC, LLC  10/31/2015 ALPb-12-158
Alabama Renovation Contractors Certification 04/30/2015 AL RRP 2013092 900539
Arkansas Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC 12/13/2015 000442
Arizona Asbestos Contractors License LEC, LLC  04/30/2015 231331
California Contractors License – Building Moving & Demo  06/30/2015 899461
Colorado General Abatement Contractors License LEC, LLC 01/10/2015 10640
EPA Lead Safe Certification 09/08/2015 NAT-75892-1
Florida Asbestos License LEC, LLC: 11/30/2015 ZA299
Georgia Asbestos License Number LEC:   04/24/2015 70RN041 772
Georgia Lead License Number LEC:  03/20/2015 12-1101-27
Illinois Asbestos Contractor License LEC, LLC 05/15/2015 500-0721
Indiana Asbestos Contractor License LEC, LLC 06/17/2015 19A006644
Iowa Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC 02/01/2015 2236
Kansas Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC 11/17/2014 OA443
Kentucky Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC 11/28/2015 C11-384-1
Louisiana Mold Certification Contractors License 07/21/2015 250083
Louisiana Contractors License – Hazardous Materials 02/03/2015 41629
Maryland – Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation  12/15/2015 M01-00-516
Mississippi DEQ Asbestos Contractor Certification  08/20/2015 ABC-00001844
Mississippi Asbestos Certificate of Responsibility 04/09/2015 13291-SC
Missouri Asbestos Certification Number LEC, LLC  06/30/2015 14-06-0659
National Air Duct Cleaners Association - NADCA                                       06/30/2015 4190309
New Jersey Asbestos License 01/08/2015 01092
New Mexico - Asbestos Removal 10/31/2015 358959
North Carolina – Contractors License  12/31/2015 66228
Oklahoma - Asbestos Removal 08/03/2015 400021
South Carolina Asbestos Contractors License LEC, LLC 07/01/2015 C0-00061
Tennessee Contractors ID Number:  11/30/2015 00029709
Tennessee Asbestos Certification: 07/31/2015 A-F-312-28237
Texas Asbestos Contractors License: 10/26/2015 800907
Texas Mold Remediation Company: 11/01/2015 RCO1078
Virginia Class A Contactors License:    02/28/2015 2705 067158A
Virginia Asbestos Contractors License:  02/08/2015 3306 000796
Virginia Lead Contractors License:  02/28/2015 3358 000306
West Virginia Asbestos Contractors License 02/28/2015 AC002176
Wisconsin Asbestos Contractors License   Applied For

Contact Information

Postal address
5513 Eastcliff Industrial Loop, Birmingham, AL 35210-5418
       Birmingham, AL 35210-5418
Electronic mail
General Information: scottharrison@lecbiz.com

Webmaster: stanroth@lecbiz.com


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